Child Support

Child support is typically straight forward.

Child support is one of the areas of family law in which there is usually very little to argue about. The federal government has set up guidelines, which apply to each state, which govern the amount of child support families pay.  If your family earns less than $400,000.00 a year, it is basically calculated by looking at each side’s income, looking at certain extraneous expenses, and plugging the numbers into a chart.

Uncommon, but other things to consider.

The only gray areas occur when someone is employed in a family business where their income is under their own control.  To calculate your child support payments, you will want to gather the following information: the cost of health insurance for the children, the cost of schooling, aftercare, and extra-curricular activities. Sometimes, the children have routine uncovered medical costs.  If this is the case, please gather that information as well.  You will also want to have all of your income information, including the last few paycheck stubs and last year’s tax returns.  If you have paycheck stubs from your spouse, bring those as well as it will make it easier for our attorneys to give you guidance on child support.

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