Making Plans

Proactive Estate Planning Brings Peace of Mind What happens to your estate and loved ones if something happens to you? We tend to put off addressing this question until a major life event forces our hand: an unexpected death, marriage or remarriage, having a baby, the arrival of your first grandchild, or relocating a loved […]

Protecting Your Assets

Family law and estate planning frequently intersect in our practice, but no crossroad is more critical than a minor child inheriting wealth. In most circumstances, the other parent gains custody of the child, along with control of the wealth. This outcome is not always ideal, in the case of deadbeat parents who have not maintained […]

Blend With Care

Estate Planning considerations for blended families IN THIS DAY AND AGE there is no standard “modern family.” Blended families are the new norm, with parents bringing children from prior marriages into their new union. Here are some tips to help transition your estate plan after remarriage: 1. CONSULT an estate planning attorney. Unique issues arise […]

Show all GWP Law Firm Introduced in Inside Northside

Over the last year GWP partner Andrea Erwin Potter has written a column in Inside Northside Magazine, providing education and insight into the ins and outs of estate planning. In the November-December 2016 issue, the first since the formation of Gallagher, Westholz, and Potter, Andrea introduced readers to the firm. Check out the column below and […]

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