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Divorce Done Right

For those of you who are thinking about a divorce and just want information, we have created a program called Divorce Done Right. Checkout the video for more information and download our Divorce Done Right E-Book.


Once you decide that you need to end your marriage, the worries really start. We understand. Questions will keep you up at night. We’re here to help.

The first thing you need to do if you’re definite about getting a divorce is you need to be prepared. You have already taken the first step by going to our web site.  In addition, you need to be financially prepared for the divorce.  This means that if you have joint accounts, you should take out half of the money from those accounts.  Keep this cash in a separate account that you control. This way your spouse won’t be able to take out money and leave you unable to support yourself.

The basic answer to this question is, unless you are abusive or a pedophile, no.  We can’t tell you how often a husband who is emotionally abusive to a wife, and who also earns all of the income in the family, will threaten his wife with taking the kids away.

Our Clients Are Our Focus

  • You were the only bright spot in one of the worst experiences of my life.

    Betty Davis
  • Thank you for not only being Cagie’s (Buddy) attorney but his friend.” Thank you for not just caring about his case but for looking past his outer appearance and seeing that there was a great person who really needed to have someone on his side.

    Angele M. Sazon
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to review the medical records of [name withheld for privacy reasons]. . .  Death is always difficult to accept but knowing everything was done to save him has put some peace in her resignation.

    Tina Bonilla
  • You made us fell so much better about ourselves and about lawyers. You made us feel important each and every time we spoke to you. We feel we found not only a great attorney, we also found a new Friend.

    Roy and Jovita Conway
  • Ya’ll did a great job Mr. Ricky.

    Dwana Banks