What effect will my Louisiana divorce have on my kids?

What affect will divorce have on my kids?

One great resource available in many parishes is a parenting class.  The parenting class will help all members of the family, husband, wife, and kids, understand and cope with the divorce process.  We have found these parenting classes to be a fantastic resource and very helpful to especially the children in coping with the divorce process.  Jefferson Parish requires that families attend these parenting classes.  But even in places where they’re not required, we strongly recommend that our clients attend these parenting classes.  The instructors will explain to the children that the divorce is not their fault.  This is the primary thing you want your children to know: it’s not their fault.  It will be more helpful coming from an authoritative figure, such as a teacher, rather than from the parents themselves.  These classes are relatively cheap ($25.00 per person who goes to the course).