What Will You Ask For in Your Divorce Settlement?

Imagine this: you’re married for 18 years. You’ve got three beautiful children together. You’re committed to your relationship and your life; so committed that when one of you needs a kidney transplant, the other steps up and provides the kidney.

What happens when all that comes crashing down, and one of you asks for a divorce?

This happened to a doctor from New York and his wife. She needed a kidney transplant in 2001, and he gave her his kidney and saved her life.

When she filed for divorce in 2005, he asked for the kidney back, or its value, in the settlement – a value he estimates at $1.5 million.

Where to start with what is wrong with this?

Does this doctor really think he can gain anything by asking the Court to give him his kidney back?  Or maybe he thought such an outrageous offer would make the $1.5 million “alternative” seem reasonable?

Either way, this was a stupid argument (my three kids think stupid is a curse word, but no other word conveys exactly how I feel about this argument).  A gift is a gift, especially if it is permanently attached to your wife’s body!

So who is to blame for this?  I really don’t put much blame on the doctor.  Nothing in life can make you act like a fool more than affairs of the heart. The pain of lost love or betrayal makes normally smart people act like fools.

That’s exactly why you hire a lawyer! The lawyer is supposed to be an objective advocate.  A lawyer is supposed to stop you for doing stupid things like telling a judge (and the whole world) you want your wife’s kidney back.  So who do I blame?

I blame the lawyer.