Recession Makes it Difficult for Couples to Divorce

The recession isn’t just bad news for homeowners and all of the people who have gotten laid off. The recession is proving to be bad news for couples looking to divorce. What does the recession have to do with limiting divorce?

The recession limits income, which makes divorce more difficult.

One of the most difficult things that many couples find when arranging a divorce is extracting their finances. It’s a fact that a couple together can afford more than single people apart. Couples tend to spend a smaller proportion of their joint income on housing than singles, relatively speaking, and splitting household expenses helps to reduce the costs. All of these costs add up quickly when you split, making it difficult to manage finances when you’re single that you’d take for granted in a marriage.

Because so many people are laid off or fear being laid off during the recession, many couples aren’t willing to take the plunge of divorce. Laid off individuals don’t have money for house payments, and if the couple is still on relatively good terms, typically the earner can’t justify throwing their former spouse out on the street.

And let’s face it: divorces cost money. You have to split assets. You should use a divorce lawyer to ensure you get a fair settlement. You have to pay for legal paperwork and filing documents in court. All of these things add up, and they’re expenses that many people don’t budget for in a time of recession.

Why you still need a divorce lawyer during a recession.

If you still want to proceed with your divorce but are trying to cut corners, you shouldn’t cut yourself short by not hiring a divorce lawyer. Getting a good, clear settlement is especially important during a recession. What if your spouse is employed now, but loses his job after the divorce is finalized? Who deals with the joint finances that your spouse can’t afford to pay?

If you hire a divorce lawyer in the first place, you won’t have to worry about any of these details; a good divorce lawyer thinks about all these eventualities and helps you divide things in a way that protects you. And when every penny is scarce, you can’t afford to skimp on a divorce lawyer and then find out you’re jointly liable for thousands of dollars in debt that you simply can’t afford to pay.