Popular Reality Show Highlights Divorce Troubles

Most of you have probably heard about the popular reality TV show ‘Jon & Kate + 8.’ It’s a television show chronicling the life of an average American couple, Jon and Kate, and their eight children.

Children are a blessing, but they put a strain on every relationship. When they decided to have children, Jon & Kate discovered that Kate had fertility problems, so they underwent fertility treatments. Kate had twins, and then sextuplets.

TLC decided to do a reality show on the couple, highlighting the difficulties of raising multiple children. With eight kids, Jon and Kate definitely had their moments. As the show progressed, Jon and Kate fell under criticism for having suspected extra-marital affairs, and began legal proceedings for a divorce in late June 2009.

A reality show isn’t the best place to air your divorce troubles, but the types of issues that Jon and Kate are going through are primarily the same types of issues that every couple with kids faces when contemplating a divorce. How do you deal with custody? How do you ensure the welfare and happiness of your children? How do finances play out?

TLC says that Jon & Kate + 8 show will resume production in August. It will be interesting to see how they address the divorce issues on national television, and what sort of criticism they draw from other sources. Their case certainly isn’t typical for a variety of reasons; the 8 children, the reality TV show aspect of their lives; but people continue to watch it because they identify with the problems that Jon and Kate are facing.

The episode where Jon and Kate announced their separation and divorce drew over 10 million viewers. While reality TV does highlight occasionally irresponsible and unpleasant behavior, it also shows us something we recognize in ourselves. Jon and Kate aren’t alone as they deal with their divorce; they’re dealing with the same issues that thousands of couples face every day.

Let’s hope they get good lawyers, and that they’re committed to making sure the kids are treated well and suffer as little as possible.