Iowa City Creates Program to Help Kids Cope with Divorce

Children get the short end of the stick when it comes to dealing with divorce. They often don’t get the information they need to cope with and process a divorce, and may find themselves trivialized or even neglected as a parent deals with their part in the divorce process. This is such a big problem that United Action for Youth in Iowa City has started providing Kids First Divorce Workshops for children of a divorcing couple.

Kids process things differently at different ages. These Kids First Divorce Workshops pair children with other kids their age and provide kids a way to explore their feelings in a safe setting. They help kids process divorce in a way that’s appropriate to their age groups, and give kids the opportunity to interact with their peers as they cope with divorce. It’s one of the first programs designed just to help kids process divorce, and Iowa City officials expect nearly 250 kids per year to attend the workshops.

Help your kids cope with divorce.

Iowa City has the right idea. Too many kids aren’t given the information they need to work through a divorce. They don’t have an opportunity to interact with peers, or process the information in a way that works for them. In other words, they’re left to fend for themselves as parents cope with the divorce in their own ways.

Don’t leave your kids alone to cope with divorce. Find resources to help your kids cope; from books written for your children’s age groups, to support groups for kids of divorcing parents, to even therapy for your children. While a divorce may be the best solution for you and your spouse, you owe it to your kids to provide a way for them to deal with it, too, instead of feeling disenfranchised, neglected or irrelevant.