Five Questions to Ask Before You File for Divorce

Even in cases where divorce is the answer to irreconcilable relationship difficulties, it’s still a difficult option to pursue and may require a lot of sacrifice. If you’re thinking about a divorce, ask yourself these questions before you make things official and file the paperwork.

  1. Is there any way to resolve your difficulties with your spouse?

Divorces arise because of irreconcilable differences between a couple. Whether it’s an affair or one-too-many arguments over doing the dishes, these differences can seem insurmountable, and it typically seems easier to quit than to fix the issues.

Before you file any paperwork, ask yourself if there’s any way to resolve your difficulties. Are you willing to consider marriage or individual counseling? Are there any changes your spouse can make to address your issues? Make sure you explore all avenues of reconciliation before you decide on a divorce.

  1. Are you prepared to deal with the financial reality of a divorce?

The financial reality of a divorce often catches people by surprise. Before you file any paperwork, think about your income, your financial situation and your expenses. How is a divorce going to impact your life financially? Can you get by on a lower income and with a different lifestyle? If you’re not ready for some big lifestyle changes, you may want to reconsider a divorce.

  1. How will divorce affect the kids, and is that ok?

Children always make any divorce decision far more difficult. How will a divorce affect your kids, and are you ok with that? Some parents feel guilty over a divorce, and have a difficult time leading a balanced lifestyle with their kids. Other parents may be concerned about joint custody, or how each parent is going to interact with the kids. Make sure you consider all of these issues and find acceptable answers before you file for a divorce.

  1. Where will you, your kids and your spouse live?

Living arrangements change in a divorce. You may not be able to afford your home on your salary, or your spouse may be unwilling to move out. Where will you, your spouse and your kids live? With whom will the kids stay? Who moves out and who stays? How long until you sell the house? Finding acceptable living arrangements before you file any paperwork can help remove a lot of the pressure of the actual divorce process.

  1. Who can help you through the process?

Even if you’re the one initiating the divorce, a divorce is an extremely big step. You’ll have a lot of emotional upheaval and changes to your life when you file a divorce. You need a support network in place before you file the paperwork. Will your friends help you through the process? Is your family supportive? Do you need to find a support group for divorcees? Make sure you have a support system in place before you file any divorce paperwork.