Father’s Influence Helps Lessen Risk of Co-Dependency?

I was reading an interesting article the other day about a research study on adolescent girls, and how their development is related to their fathers’ roles in their lives. If you’re in the process of getting a divorce, you might want to keep this in mind, as fathers apparently play an extremely important role in their daughters’ development.

Fathers essential in helping daughters develop voices.

Apparently, this study indicated that fathers are essential to help their daughters develop their voices during pivotal development years of their childhoods. Between the ages of 8 and 12, girls are developing their identity and the unique voice with which they respond to the world. This voice determines how girls handle conflicts, their self-esteem and their willingness to stand up for themselves.

Believe it or not, a father’s influence during this time can determine whether or not women become co-dependent in adulthood.

Men can help lessen risk of co-dependency.

According to numerous studies, men are at a lower risk of co-dependency. 85% of co-dependent individuals are female. This means that only 15% of co-dependent people are male. Women are far more likely to minimize their feelings, compromise themselves into oblivion and become silent victims throughout their lives. With co-dependent women role models, young women grow up to be co-dependent. However, with strong male role models, women stand a far greater chance of avoiding co-dependency and growing up to be strong advocates for themselves.

Don’t remove your father from your daughter’s life.

If you weren’t convinced that your spouse should play a role in your daughter’s life, consider this study in co-dependency. By removing her father from her life, you could be setting your daughter up for a lifetime of co-dependency. Further, you could be setting her up for her own bad relationships, because co-dependent women are more likely to file for divorce on the grounds that they feel they have no voice in a relationship. Co-dependent women have no voice in a relationship because they never learn it during this vital development phase of adolescence.

Children need both mother and father to have a healthy adolescence.

Ultimately, children need both their mom and their dad to have a healthy childhood and adolescence. Both sexes have lessons to teach their kids, and children need both genders as role models during their developmental phases. When you get a divorce, both you and your spouse still need to be active in your children’s lives. Otherwise, your kids may not have the healthy development you’d like to see.