Don’t Cut Your Spouse Out of Your Child’s Life

Divorces are traumatic. Some divorces may happen due to years of indifference and neglect, but other divorces may have a much more upsetting and immediate cause. If your spouse cheated on you or otherwise precipitated the divorce suddenly, the last thing you probably want is for your kids to have anything to do with your spouse. However, it’s important to be moderate in your interactions with your spouse around a divorce. Cutting your kids off from your spouse entirely is generally a bad idea, and can lead to a bitter divorce.

Bitterness in a divorce can cause a rift with children.

I saw a blurb the other day about a rapper and his wife who are in the process of divorcing. His wife gave birth to their child, and she banned him from the delivery room while she was in labor. This is a very bad start to the child’s life, and if it’s any indication of how their divorce is proceeding, it may end up being a bitter and hotly contested divorce.

Regardless of what your spouse does, your child doesn’t deserve to be punished for it. Children need both parents, and they need to know that both parents love them. If you cut your spouse off from your child’s life, you’re preventing your child from learning that important fact, and your child may never understand that his father or mother loved him because that parent was never around to show it.

Your personal unhappiness may be difficult to overcome, and you may never reach the point where you’re amicable with your spouse. Still, you should work to overcome those negative feelings until you can reach the point where your spouse and your child can interact regularly and easily. By cutting your spouse off from your child, you’re severing half of your child’s parental resources and may be setting your kid up for long-term unhappiness. If you care about your child’s well-being, avoid letting your animosity cut him or her off from your spouse in spite of your personal feelings.