Be Careful What You Say, Because Gossip Gets Around

Gossip can be a serious problem for any relationship, but it can be fatal when you’re getting a divorce. I recently saw a news blurb that mentioned the world’s first divorce by Facebook, the popular social networking program. Apparently a man on Facebook changed his marital status to reflect that he was no longer married to his wife – before he ever talked to her about getting a divorce. Worse yet, one of his friends commented that he was “better off out of it.”

His wife found out about it when one of their mutual friends called her to console her about the fact that her husband had ended the marriage. Before that phone call, her husband hadn’t discussed divorce with her and she had no idea he’d changed his status.

Imagine finding out from one of your friends that your husband was divorcing you before he ever spoke a word about it.

When the wife was later questioned about it, she said she was most upset about the fact that other people knew about it before she did, and that her husband hadn’t discussed the relationship problems with her before talking about it with other people.

Bottom line? Be careful what you say, because gossip gets around – and more than ever in this world of Internet connectivity.

Emails can be forwarded. A word in the wrong ear can make its way back to your spouse. Whether you haven’t decided to divorce yet, or if you’re knee-deep in the divorce itself, watch what you say. The wrong words can turn an amicable divorce into a major mess, and your spouse may choose to use them against you in the divorce settlement.