Nursing Home Abuse

Our Louisiana attorneys are experienced at handling nursing home abuse cases.

Over 1.5 million people, both elderly and disabled, live in nursing homes. This elderly and disabled population represent one of the most vulnerable groups in our nation, yet the incidences of nursing home abuse continue to rise. There are many reasons for the rise in nursing home abuse. One important reason is inadequate nursing staff levels. Congress received a report in 2002 which indicated that minimal nursing staff level requirements would greatly decrease instances of nursing home abuse. The report also found that 97% of nursing homes failed to meet these minimal standards.

How do I select a Nursing Home?

The best advice is to do your homework. Visit the home. Talk to the nurses. Talk to the residents. Eat in the cafeteria. Also, you can download a Nursing Home Checklist to use as you visit the nursing homes. Fill out this form and use it to compare nursing homes.

But even if you chose a nursing home, do not think the choice is final. If you do not feel that you or your loved one is being treated properly, try to fix the problem with the staff at the nursing home. If the staff does not fix the problem, find another nursing home. Small problems may be a sign of much more serious problems – don’t wait for the serious problem!

What is the Nursing Home Bill of Rights?

Louisiana law gives Nursing Home Residents specific rights, through the Nursing Home Bill of Rights. Those rights include: the right to be adequately informed of the resident’s medical condition and proposed treatment; the right to participate in the planning of all medical treatment; the right to be informed of the consequences of medical decisions; the right to receive adequate and appropriate health care; the right to be treated courteously, fairly, and with the fullest measure of dignity; and the right to have the significant change in a resident’s health status immediately reported to his interested family members.

What should I do if I think serious nursing home abuse has occurred?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of serious nursing home abuse, fill out our Free Case Review form on this page, or call us at (866) 376-7930.