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Louisiana Divorce Lawyers who stand ready to fight to protect you and your kids.

My name is Ricky Gallagher, and I am the owner of the Gallagher Law Firm.  My job is to fight to protect you and your kids, making sure you get through your divorce with as little trauma as possible.

Two types of people generally come to my site.  First, there are people who are thinking about a divorce and just want information. Second, there are people who know they want a divorce and need to hire a lawyer.

Do You Want Free Information on Louisiana Divorces Before You Talk to a Lawyer?

For those of you who are thinking about a divorce and just want information, I have created a downloadable book called Divorce Done Right, an email course and a series of text messages to explain the divorce process to you. What is Divorce Done Right?  First, its a downloadable book in PDF format for you to print and read at your leisure. It’s also a series of emails or text messages that explain the Louisiana divorce process.

Here is a video explaining everything.



Reading Divorce Done Right will also teach you the divorce process so that you can make an informed decision about your marriage.

Once you decide that you need to end your marriage, the worries really start.  I understand what your concerns are:

These questions will keep you up at night, haunting your sleep.  I have seen it happen.  Divorce Done Right will answer these questions for you.  Knowing the answers will give you peace of mind.  Use the form above to send us an email requesting a download of Divorce Done Right.  Or, you can call my office and ask to be put on the list.  Just dial (504) 887-2220.

Are you Ready to hire a divorce lawyer?

At the Gallagher Law Firm, we have worked hard to make the legal process as pain free as possible.  Our first meeting will be at my office. My regular hourly rate is $250/hour, but I only charge $100 for the first meeting.

Once we meet and you hire me, we will file a Petition for Divorce.  This is a document which asks the Court to end your marriage.  We will also file discovery, which are questions to your spouse asking for documents and information.  If you have kids, we will begin the process of analyzing who will pay child support and what those payments will be.  If you own property, we will spend time with you developing a plan for dividing the property.

The Gallagher Law Firm will get your divorce finalized as efficiently (that means at the least cost) and quickly as possible so that you can move on with your life.  That’s what you really want – to move on.  In the heat of passion, you may think that you want to punish your spouse.  The problem is punishment is expensive, and it really won’t make you feel good.  Punishment will make me rich, but I don’t want to get rich that way.  The Courts are reluctant to issue any real punishment to husbands and wives anyway, no matter the reason for the divorce (the exception, of course, is child or spousal abuse; this type of spouse needs to go to jail, but that’s really beyond the scope of Divorce Done Right. If you have an abusive spouse, call the police immediately then call us at 504-887-2220.  The Courts really have two concerns:  take care of your children’s best interests, and divide the money.  Period.

Call Now to set up a Divorce Strategy Session.

So if this sounds fair, you need to call us.  Set up a Divorce Strategy Session by calling our Client Services Coordinator, Stefanie, at (504) 887-2220.

So who is going to represent you?  Richard T. Galllagher, Jr. will personally be the lead attorney on your case, and will probably handle the entire case himself. You see, I love to try cases!  I majored in accounting at Loyola.  I went to Tulane Law School planning to become a tax attorney.  Our first semester, we had to give a pretend argument.  I loved it. I can still remember the day.  I left the argument and realized that I wanted to go to trial for a living.  From that moment on (this happened in the spring of 1991) I did everything I could to make myself a better trial lawyer.  At Tulane, I entered every trial competition they offered.  I did pretty well, too.  After law school, I coached the Tulane Trial Team that was ranked 3rd out of approximately 200 teams nationally.  Then my wife  and I started having kids, so no more coaching.  But I did start trying cases.  I intentionally started my career at small firms where I felt I would have more of a chance to try cases.  My strategy paid off, and I have tried more non-criminal cases than many attorneys.  And I have had quite a bit of success (if you want to see a list of my successful cases, click here).  I am also asked to speak a few times a year on how to try cases.  The flip side is that once you win a few big cases, people are more likely to settle fairly, because they know you are willing to go to trial and capable once you get there.  So now I try fewer cases, but I get better results for my clients.

I hope that you found this information helpful.  Again, call Stefanie at (504) 887-2220 or toll free at (855) 887-2220. Tell her you want to set up a Divorce Strategy Session.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting you.

Richard T. Gallagher, Jr.

Founder of the Gallagher Law Firm, LLC