Commercial Diving

If you have been injured in a diving

accident, lawyer Ricky Gallagher

will get your case settled.

My name is Ricky Gallagher, and I focus on obsessing over your case while giving you more attention than any other lawyer. How do I do this? Simple: I limit myself to 2-3 new diving cases each year, and only 6 at any one time. That’s it. This let’s me spend more time thinking about your case, developing strategies about your case, getting creative about your case. It also allows me to give you all of my attention. You can call me anytime. You will get my cell phone and home phone numbers. In fact, if you are an injured commercial diver, and you want to reach me at my cell phone right now, just enter your information in the box below. I’ll give you my cell phone by email, and also will send you helpful legal information as well. If you want to call right now, my toll free number is 866-376-7930. My local number is 504-887-2220.

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Why is all of this obsession and creativity important?

Because I am trying to maximize the value of your case. Put another way, I am trying to get you as much money as possible. When a diver gets injured, it’s rarely minor. More often, it means the end of his career. This causes a tremendous hardship on the diver and his family. A lawsuit is the diver’s one shot, one opportunity to financially protect his family. Some lawyer might go for a quick settlement. Why? Because the lawyers always have more cases coming in! But the diver has only one chance to protect his family. He must make the most of that chance. I help the diver make the most of that chance by focusing so much of my time and energy on the case.

Why is the personal attention important?

The personal attention is important because it helps you, the diver, feel better about your future. Losing your career is one of the most stressful problems you can face. You will obsess about your future. You will lose sleep worrying about how you will take care of yourself and your family. You will wonder what the hell is going on with your lawsuit. To help with these worries, you and I will talk as much as you want. Every day if that is what you want. You will have all of my numbers and email address, and you will be able to call me anytime.

Let me give you an example. Tim S. was a green commercial diver for Epic. Tim was injured in a dive and was not able to walk without a walker. At 24 years old, Tim was not sure he would ever work again, but he definitely would not be a diver.

Tim and I spoke almost every day about his case. If he had an idea, or a thought, or a worry, he called me on my cell phone. I can remember being in line at Wendy’s and talking to Tim. I know the day after Katrina hit New Orleans, Tim and I spoke. Tim stayed with my family when he needed a place to stay (I can’t promise everyone this!), met my parents, wife and kids, even took apart my son’s Playstation! This type of attention helped Tim feel better about his future and cope with the drastic changes he was going through.

How can I learn more about my rights?

Easy. Just fill out the form above. I will then send you several emails detailing the things you need to know RIGHT NOW. In a nutshell, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER, DON’T FILE A LONGSHORE CLAIM, and BEWARE OF THE COMPANY DOCTOR. I also tell you how to pick a lawyer. So fill out the form, follow the instructions, and get informed. (Plus, I send you my cell phone right off the bat.)

What if I need to file my claim in another State – can I still use you?

Absolutely. I am prepared to handle cases anywhere in the United States. Even if the case were right here in New Orleans, I would have to fly all over the US getting the best experts to help with your case. A hyperbaric expert from Hawaii, a diving expert from Texas, where ever. If you need to file in another state, I will hire a local  lawyer to help us. This WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING EXTRA. I will take care of paying the other lawyer.

I hope you found this website helpful. I feel very passionate about my clients, but I am especially passionate about my commercial diving clients. I hope you give me a chance to talk to you about your case.

Ricky Gallagher