How much does a Louisiana divorce cost?

How much will this divorce cost me?

By far, the most frequent question we are asked is how much the divorce will cost.  At the Gallagher Law Firm, we completely understand why this is important.  It is bad enough that your family is breaking up.  It is bad enough that you are going to see
your kids less than you did before.  It is bad enough that you are going to have two households to pay for.  On top of that you have
to pay an attorney. With this in mind, we offer three options to try to make it easier for you to afford your divorce.

The first option is the Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce. This is for the person with a simple divorce who wants to spend as little as possible getting divorced. You might only be married for a few years, you probably don’t have kids, and you may not have many assets. We will draft the most common documents you need for your divorce. We will also sit with you to explain the process, and provide you with written instructions on how to finish the process. Unlike other online products, with us you will sit down with a Louisiana lawyer to decide how to draft your documents. The Louisiana lawyer will then draft your documents and notarize the initial ones for you. After that, you will file everything in court and get yourself divorced. All of this for a small fee of $499.

The second option is what I call the “ala carte” menu.  With this option, you will be billed a set amount for specific tasks that are
involved in the lawsuit.  You will know exactly what these tasks cost before the lawsuit starts.  We will also give you a list of
the tasks that we would expect during the course of your divorce.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will  only need the tasks which we outlined.  If you need more tasks, we will bill you for them as they occur.  The advantage to this system is that you have a pretty good idea of what the divorce will cost you, but not a guarantee of what the divorce will cost you.  You also receive some certainty that similar tasks are billed at the same rate, no matter how long they take.  For example, if we schedule a deposition and it takes twice as long as we thought, we will still only bill you the “ala carte” rate.  This way, there is at least some certainty regarding the bill.

Finally, there is the traditional hourly method of billing.  Gallagher Law Firm bills in .1 increments.  This means that each
time you call us, we will bill you at least a .1 (six minutes).  We will also keep track of our time at hearings, during meetings,
preparing for hearings, and any other time we work on your case. You will be billed an hourly rate, which will differ for each
attorney and/or paralegal working on a case.  We typically bill monthly for these services.

Regardless of which system you choose (and we will discuss these options further if you are allowed to meet with us) understand that
the Gallagher Law Firm will work with you so that we can all accomplish our goals.  Of course, we need to be paid for our work. But we truly understand the difficult financial situation you are in.  So, we will work with you to the best of our ability to accomplish your desires within a reasonable budget.