Do It Yourself Divorce Louisiana

The First Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce where you can meet with a practicing Louisiana Lawyer to Help You Draft the Right Documents in the Right Format to Protect Your Rights.

The Gallagher Law Firm is glad to announce that we have created the first Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce where you can me with a Louisiana lawyer, you and he can plan out the exact documents you will need to file to get divorced, get custody, visitation, child support, and other items, and you can then do the divorce yourself.

Filing a divorce is more than just cutting and pasting form documents. There are many tricky rules to follow. If these rules are violated, you will not move forward in your divorce – or worse, you may have to start over and pay another filing fee! Also, unless you have the simplest of divorces (i.e. no kids and no property), there are many factors to consider in making sure your rights are protected. This is where a good Louisiana Divorce Lawyer can make sure everything is done right.

At the same time, I can understand clients who are not really fighting over things, and don’t want to pay a lawyer to travel to court, wait for the court to start and sit through a hearing where the parties are in agreement.

The solution: my Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce. It works like this.

When you are ready to file for divorce, call my office and let them know you want to come in for a Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce. My office will ask for your information and set you up for a meeting with the owner of the Gallagher Law Firm, Richard Gallagher. The Firm will also start creating the necessary documents. At the meeting, you will be charged $499, so bring a credit card. After you pay, you will meet with Mr. Gallagher to go over your situation. Mr. Gallagher will tell you what he thinks would be your best strategy. Mr. Gallagher will then revise the documents to meet the strategy you and he devise.  You and Mr. Gallagher will finalize the documents as much as possible.

When you walk out of the meeting, you will have the following in your possession:

  1. A Petition for Divorce – this starts the divorce process.
  2. A Verification for the Petition – this is required with the Petition
  3. Instructions on where to file the Petition and how to request service – this is where most people mess the process up
  4. A Rough Income Statement – this is required if you ask for child support or spousal support
  5. A Child Support Estimate – the more accurate the information you give us, the better this estimate will be
  6. A Rule to Show Cause – This must be filed to get your Judgment of Divorce. This cannot be finalized until after the divorce is filed, so you will have to edit it yourself
  7. A Verification for the Rule
  8. A Divorce Affidavit
  9. Instructions on filing the Rule, as well as the questions to answer at the hearing – this is the second most likely place people mess up their divorce
  10. A Judgment of Divorce.

Of course there are many more documents you might have to file that we cannot anticipate before things get started. However, if you and your spouse are really in agreement, these documents will get you divorced.

If you want more information, of if you think you want to file a Do It Yourself Louisiana Divorce, you can do three things:

  1. Call my office: 504-887-2220 or Toll Free: 1-855-887-2220. Ask Megan for an appointment to create your divorce documents.
  2. Just fill out the form below. I will send you a series of emails about the divorce process, and answer most of your questions.
  3. Or you can text “divorce” to 99000 and you will get a series of text messages over the next day that will answer your questions about the divorce process.