How NOT to Handle Your Divorce

There is a right way and a wrong way to go through a divorce. I prefer the “Divorce Done Right” way. That’s what we practice here at the Gallagher Law Firm. But some people just don’t get it. The following is an article I recently sent to my email list. It’s a good example of what NOT to do in your divorce.

It seems a Broadway mogul and his wife were going through a bitter divorce. Then his wife decided to go on YouTube and post a video where she reveals intimate details about their personal life. These details, of course, were not flattering to the mogul or his family.

The problem is the wife was trying to get a Judge to throw out a prenup agreement she had signed. And, of course, the mogul found out about the YouTube video. When the Judge learned about the video, he honored the prenup and the wife received a pittance.

There are two lessons here. The basic lesson is the same thing we teach our kids: if you post something online, it will become public. There is NO ANNONIMITY, so watch what you do online.

The deeper lesson is one I hope I teach my clients: being nastyrarely gets you what you want. Divorce is a painful, expensive process to get through as quickly and cheaply as possible. Divorce is not a weapon to use to hurt someone you hate.

I am sure the wife felt a sense of revenge when she made and posted the video. Now she has been publicly embarrassed on CNN and lostmillions of dollars on top of that. Not a good trade if you ask me.

I hope this email helps you with your divorce, and helps you do it The Right Way.

Ricky Gallagher

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