Divorce Done Right

Thank you for your interest in “Divorce Done Right.”

To Download “Divorce Done Right,” just click on the link below.  If that does not work, right click the link and press “Save As.”  If THAT does not work, just call my office at 1-866-376-7930, and we’ll email it to you right away.

Remember, downloading this book does not do you any good if you don’t read it. So please stop whatever you are doing and download the book right now! Read this book and I promise you will feel much better about this whole divorce process.  You were concerned enough to go to my site and request the information, so don’t stop now.


Keep in mind that this book contains plenty of information.  You may decide that you don’t want to read it all at once.  That’s ok!  I set up a table of contents with questions we have heard over the years of doing Divorce work.  So if you don’t want to read every word, just go to the table of contents and look for any questions you have.  Then you can go right to the page and hopefully have your question answered.

After you read Divorce Done Right, you may want to schedule a Divorce Strategy Session with one of our lawyers.  If so, just call my office at 1-866-376-7930.

Richard T. Gallagher, Jr.