Am I entitled to alimony or spousal support?

Am I entitled to alimony?

Louisiana does not recognize alimony.  Instead, Louisiana law provides for two types of spousal support: interim and final.

Interim spousal support is money provided to one of the spouses during the divorce proceedings.  The purpose of interim spousal
support is to allow a spouse to seek a divorce without fear that their standard of living is going to decrease dramatically.  With this purpose in mind, the court’s attempt to maintain the standard of living the spouse enjoyed during the marriage during the divorce proceedings.  This means that the courts will look at what the family spent during the marriage in trying to calculate the amount
of interim spousal support.  Interim spousal support may last six months beyond the date of the divorce.  For example, if you have kids, you must wait 12 months to get a divorce.  So, if you and your spouse separate on January 1, 2008, and you filed divorce on January 2, 2008, the soonest you could get divorced would be January 3, 2009.  If you asked for interim spousal support, you would receive – and your spouse made significantly more income than you did, you would receive spousal support during the divorce proceedings (in other words, from January 2, 2008 through January 3, 2009).  You may also continue to receive this interim spousal
support for six months after the divorce is final.