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Election Day!

Ok, I admit it. I’m a political junkie! I probably inherited it from my “Paw Paw,” Bill Rose, my mother’s father. Paw Paw never graduated from High School, but he was involved in politics his whole life. He never ran for office, but he was always involved in organizing his neighborhood.

So what did I learn from this election? I’ll leave the political lessons to those smarter than me. What I did learn, and what I hope my kids learn is “Set your goals high” and “Never Quit.”

Look at the two candidates, one of whom will be the most powerful man in the world in a few months.

One spent many long years in his youth as a prisoner of war. He was tortured both mentally and physically. I am sure there were hundreds if not thousands of times he thought “This is it. They are going to kill me.”

The other was an African American growing up essentially fatherless in a white world. Do you think anyone ever told him “Barak, if you work really hard, one day you can be President of the United States of America!” I doubt it. But here he is anyway.

I hope and pray that my children never, ever go though even one tenth of the adversity these men faced. But when they do face adversity, I hope they face it in the same way as these two men did.

God Bless.